Saturday, May 28, 2016

Good counselor, good therapist, good friends

In Social Work schools we learn the difference of open ended questions vs. Closed-ended questions. And we were taught how to be a good therapist we would be asking a lot of open-ended questions. These are great techniques to use in friendships as well

Closed-ended question would be: I have $25 extra in my purse would you like me to buy you $25 worth of zucchini

So the person can only answer yes or no. You're not learning anything about the person by asking them yes or no questions

I have $25 extra in my purse I'd like to give it to you so you can go through the store and buy what you need is that something you would like?

(Close ended but it will immediately be followed by an open-ended question How do you think you would like to spend the $25? (Open ended question)

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