Saturday, May 28, 2016

Overview of the month of May

 I've been out of money since the 12th.  This has become the norm now that I have a car to attempt to keep on the road.

 I had to go to the mission because I knew they would be serving milk and I needed some milk. You can only get a cup at a time.  I never have the wherewithal to stand in line twice no matter how hungry I am because of my inability to stand more then about 10 minutes max.

 I could not identify the main meal (most of the time I can't and neither can the other diners!) nor could I eat it because it was too hot and spicy. That's okay I just ate the fresh fruit which was really excellent this time.

 I took 2 deserts home, 2 chocolate croissants.  Typically I do math in my head to determine how much money I saved on the day I cae for dinner.

About a year ago a customer at Starbucks told me that "god" was leading her to give me a gift so she gave me a ring that had a Bible verse on it.

Today I took it to the pawn shop in the hopes that I would have money for Memorial Day weekend but they told me that it's not worth anything ;(

I had a glass milk bottle that I knew would be worth $2 so I went to Whole Foods and I received 2 one dollar bills. I had to decide whether or not to go to Kroger and spend it on the 3 pack of chewing gum (since I was able to find $0.60 around the house in coins) but decided on coffee creamer instead . (I have burning mouth syndrome so I'll have to keep ice cubes or popsicles at home)

A woman commented on me singing at the grocery store the song( I Will Survive). She smiled and said "I used to dance to that in the discotheques when I lived in Miami"

 I said yes I love discotech dancing  but I can't dance anymore. I said: well I said: "would you consider donating $0.25 to a good cause.?"

 She said: " I can afford to donate a dime to a good cause", so she gave me a dime without that I probably would not have been able to buy my coffee creamer
the cheapest one was 279 (the tiny ones!)but the one that I wanted was 299. I knew I couldn't afford the one that was 299 so I took the other one up to the register and ask them if I have enough coins to pay for the tax.
  The cashier determined that for some odd reason there is no tax on that particular item.
I went to Starbucks because their water tastes so good (my water at home is awful)at the same time I can get some sugar packets for coffee at home.
I went over to the deli and as always no one was watching to see if there was any customers but eventually someone yelled for staff to come over. She seems resentful about my question (I could feel the judgmentaI attitude)
I asked her if they have to throw food out at the end of the night and she said yes we do but we're not legally allowed to give you any.
I went to the Starbucks inside of the grocery store and I asked:
what time do you throw away all of your croissants and do you give any of them away. She said yes we do give them away but we already gave all of them away for the night...

(I'm way sick of living like this, this is my 23rd year living like this)

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