Friday, May 13, 2016

April 30th 1997, living hand to mouth

Can you imagine job searching with no car, no fixed address and virtually no kitchen access?  

Once I lost my job at Disability Entitlement Advocacy Program on March 12th I decided I was going to try again to apply for disability.

Ive "already lost!" as I'm not permitted to earn one red cent while I'm waiting for them to make their decision!

My case will close when they find out that I have to work to survive!

I cant apply for food stamps because they are going to grill me on where my money is coming from (that gets reported to the feds automatically!)

I'm wasting my time looking for permanent work because employers rarely hire you when they find out you are carless. (They know public transit is unreliable)

Should I leave the country? But I'm trying to build up a credit history and l/l Reference.

In a largely feable attempt to do something besides simply exist;

I performed at the Green Mountain Festival, babysit for Zion,  completed part 1 of women's self-defense and went to some wonderful Baltimore ethical Society meetings.

I attended a drumming circle,
AND sang behind a 5 Man Band at mick o sheas.  I went to Sherwood Gardens and cylburn Arboretum!

I know Id feel happy if I was willing to acquiesce to the reality of my poverty, but I'm not going to take it without putting up the fight of a lifetime!

I need to look into a commune stay out of sheer survival.

June is more realistic than may, if I've worked enough hours in the first two or three weeks of May to make June's rent....

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