Tuesday, May 24, 2016

to linda* (low vitamin d)

I know when you choose to help me it has to b what you consider I need.  Thank you for the offer but since I don't cook, a gift card to frys Kroger I would put to much better use.

I'm completely out of money, food stamps.  have bread peanut butter oatmeal rice and beans but that's it

at Kroger I often get the amys and the love frozen brand foods that are vegetarian

I also get cereal

bolthouse juices  turkey, cheese tuna that sort of thing

If you would b open to help me in the ways that I actually need, I would be most grateful

So, please calculate what you would have spent on me if you gave me what I wanted, and do a Kroger frys card for that amount and you would really be helping me

From the lady who takes nothing for granted

thank you again

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