Monday, May 2, 2016

To leave or not to leave

It seems selfish for someone who's worth 300 million dollars to not leave a will and not want their family to be cared for.

So boy was I surprised to find out that prince did not have a will. As an adoptee the whole topic of inheritance is very confusing.

Certainly If My adoptive mother left a will she would not have left anything to me. However My adoptive father told my first boyfriend but did not tell me and this is not something that he followed through with but My adoptive father told Steve that I would always be taken care of financially. Steve did not tell me this until years and years after Arnold died

Now even if Arnold did leave a will everything would have gone to his survivingwife Helen(1992)

But with Prince not being married  at the time of his death, all of the 300 million is probably going to go to his love child if it is proven that the boy really is related to Prince

It makes no sense to me at all that all of the money would go to a grown child Prince did not even know

Well I would imagine that even if my biological father did or did not leave a will that I would not get a penny, he is a millionaire but I would most likely legally not be entitled to even one penny because of the fact that I was stolen from marcene at birth.

I believe it's important to have a will even if you're poor I mean chances are you've got things that are very valuable that you want to make sure that those things are sent to someone who's going to keep them safe such as photos. It's particularly difficult for me to write a will because I don't have any idea of  who would b willing to b the distributor?

It's something I worry about a lot especially with items that I would like to go to  individual out of state/organization out of state . 

Where would the money come from to make sure that my items did go from state to state . I wonder how other people handle this who are poor?

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