Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"I'm a street social worker"

Although I performed some street social work in the Baltimore region, there are far more opportunities to do so here in Mountain Town. Like I said, poverty and homelessness are under a telescope here, very evident very easy to spot.

Yesterday, I got a random opportunity to volunteer for an hour as a street social worker with a masters educated homeless woman, only in Mountain town for 5 days.

It's very rewarding. Twas my favorite hour of the day. Now, yes, there are times when my social work volunteerism is when I'm practicing my therapy skills, but this time it was more hands on, crisis work.

Because I know the streets, and I know Mountain Town like the back of my hand, I know what others are likely to experience if they for example go to the "Christian" run shelter, or which motels are flea and mouse ridden for example.......

If only the city or state would create a paid position entitled "street social worker" I could earn the money that I deserve! If only I could put this experience on my resume!

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