Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"life at the "crazy 8" apts"

I spend alot of time feeling really pissed regarding the sh#$ i have to put up with every day. Any subsidized apt. living involves inspections but this is ridiculous! I've been told by a number of people that it's very unusual (what I do) for a person with excruciating chronic pain to even leave the house. I leave the house most every day.

But I've told you that in the middle of the night, it's not unusual for me to not be able to roll over, get up, or even pull the blankets over me let alone get to the bathroom when I'd like to. But that process of showering and dressing is a huge ordeal when your pain isn't being managed!

So, I have no health care, excruciating pain, and 2 urgent care visits in the last month, while my landlord has gone from zero inspections to weekly inspections just in the last 18 months!

To be more specific, up until September, 2011 no inspections were performed. But then, we had a surprise inspection in September, then with 4 days notice we were given one in December, then one in March 2012, and NOW they have informed us that they will be intruding upon our homes once a week!

With all the things I'd like to focus on to have a normal life, instead I must strive to be a GO##AMN mARtha stewart!

Now, this apt. and many of the units here are in violation of city code, yet, I feel like a "bad child" that has to keep everyting off the bedroom floor, keep all floors freshly mopped, well you get the point.

I do a small amount of housework every week, but what the hell are they looking for in these inspections? Since I have no pain meds, or med. marijuana to control my pain while I do housework, what is the answer? Perhaps if I drink alcohol it will kill enough of my pain to mop the floor or clean the toilet. But, would we get written up in the LITTLE BLACK BOOK if they found alcohol? Prohibition ended a long time ago folks! The state says pot is legal, but would we get turned into the feds if we were in possession of marijuana even though we have our "green" card?

Will we be evicted if we have a "messy room?"

When I was 24, my father told me that "you're room isn't clean enough , get out of my house, I never want to see you again!" I'm 48 and nothing has changed!

The last time they came to "inspect" they had the gall to lock up our thermostats! My bedroom is getting so cold at night I have to wear a coat and hat with multiple blankets!

So, today is devoted to "low mental stress" blogging, listening to music and trying to keep it all low key.

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