Monday, April 30, 2012

"Stranger on the park bench"

Yesterday, Sunday, was a colorful day indeed. I've been waking up between 1 and 5 a.m. often I am unable to get back to sleep due to no access to heat. Because of that I called someone for a ride to "church" I sat in on religious education because the kids are alot friendlier then the adults are and I miss being with the kids. Then I sat in on the next adult service where I learned about Mary Anning a woman who got no credit for the dinosaurs she discovered because she was a female. Left there and just killed time downtown until the 3 p.m. event. Around 1 or so, I sat down on a large bench and began talking to a man who was sitting there. Without making formal introductions, we shared alot of nitty gritty with each other. I told him, there is something freeing about not knowing a persons name or where they live, to tell the truth of one's story. I was careful not to tell him where I live, nor did I give him my phone #. I figured out his name because he once told a story using his name in the 3rd person. We'll call him Gus. He's 46, and from Albuquerque. He said he's traveling the entire u.s. in his r.v. I thought, oh this guy is pretty comfortable financially. He was wearing a Columbia shirt another indication that he is likely a comfy tourist. But to my surprise, he said he is living off of his disability income. He fills up his tank, buys a month supply of food and puts aside enough $ for gas for a month. Then, like me, he runs out of $ before the end of the month. He is bipolar with Celiac disease. He tried pressing me for some details that I made sure not to give. At this point he knows all about the violence I've survived (more then I can share on the internet) but he doesn't know my name. I told him I'm killing time until the free indie films at 3 p.m. He said, "Oh, where is that?" I said well I've never been before but it's at 69 Sleazy Street* REader, the reason why I quip with this silly address is because of what next happened. At 2:45 I want to walk over but don't want him to think we are on some kind of a date. I can't tell him not to come because it is a public event. We show up at this weird bldg that looks nearly 100 years old. I can't tell on the outside what it even is for! The event showed up in the daily newspaper not in "Sleaze Times*!" So, the bldg. is all beat up like an old wooden shack. When you walk in it looks like a garage. We walk past a large sheet hanging that has graffiti all over it. We are led to a dark room with some old beat up chairs. The wood encased windows looks rotted, paint is pealing. All windows are covered with old sheets. A woman from Russia* introduces herself as Yelena* and begins to shows the films. They represent 7 countries. 75% of the films are what I'd describe as x rated but they had no ratings! Boy was I surprised. It might as well have been Baltimore Street the red light district for the feel the place had. Boy I was stunned at some of these films! One out of Denmark, was done in claymation. The 2 main characters are married but haven't had sex in 4 months. The husband proposes that they go to some "sex club" They do and when they get inside it's one big gigantic orgy! S and M you name it!!! You could have heard a pin drop we were all so surprised, I think most were afraid to respond or even so much as breathe. It felt particularly awkward to be here with the guy from the park bench! After the films he followed me to the coffee shop but I had no money and he only had .50 cents. So we couldn't get a thing. When he went in to the bathroom, I bailed and tried to lose my self in the Mountain Town crowd! WHAT A DAY!

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