Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Retail Hell" (book by Freeman somebody, i can't remember

This book tells it like it is. Freeman spent 20 years gay and working in places like Nordstrom selling purses, NO! MAKE THAT HANDBAGS!

He puts up with horrid conditions on every level and works with many incompetent people.

Yesterday, I went to the "drive in" because I saw they had 79 cent cheeseburgers. I asked if you are allowed to eat their food if you don't have a car. They said yes, but you have to walk up then wait outside.

So, they bring me a hamburger! I check the ad, no i did indeed order a cheeseburger. I pressed the call button and said "How do you screw that up? All I ordered was a cheeseburger and you brought me a hamburger!"

They brought it back in, threw a slice of cold cheese on it and came out.

I walked to "9-11" convenience store. I got a cold coffee. The sign clearly reads $2.19. He rings me up at $2.49. i said "No, it's 2 19. he stared at the register then asked another employee the price. She said she didn't know. I said "do you need me to walk over with you to prove to you it's $2.19?"

"The woman said "There is no need for you to go getting all upset and all that, he'll give it to you for $2.19 then"

Yes, it is very upsetting! When nobody can get a fricking thing right EVER!

i remember blogging about The journalistic tv show that did the undercover story on how so many stores post one price but charge a higher one. Years later the tv cameras went back, and the problems were never corrected.

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