Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Is mental illness really invisible?"

I've never lived anywhere in my life where it seems EVERYBODY is mentally ill! And I'm only referring to the ones that are yelling or talking to their imaginary friend sort of visible.

Makes me wonder, is there more mental illness in Mountain Town, then in Baltimore for example?

Why here? Many people here are living in crushing poverty, but then again, so are many Americans everywhere! Why are Mountain Towns secrets not secret at all but visible for all to see?

Are their more mentally ill because of poor diet? because the loneliness of homelessness causes it? because of something in the air? because society doesn't seem to care about anyone whose not rich? Yes, of course people of all incomes are sick, but the blatantly noticeable illness I am seeing amongst the poor.

Was their mental illness prior to industrialization? Is it because mentally ill were deinstitutionalized in the 80? I sure do wonder, do you?

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