Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Quality of Life on my mind"

 I've got 5 light bulbs burned out, and no cash.

  Techically,  .40 cash to last until  5/1.   25 dollars in food stamps for an  8 day period.

. If you had $3.00 in food stamps per day, what would you spend it on?

In regards to the need for light bulbs, they were giving out free cfl light bulbs at the earth day fair. I told her I had no $ to buy bulbs so she gave me two. My friend who works at the homeless shelter, scored me some sanitary napkins. I scored a free one serving bag of healthy cereal at the earth day fair, so that takes care of one meal.

At the spring fair, I went to the cooking demo, and scored 2 bowls of amazing salad that she made with the devices she was selling. I don't have any toilet paper, and you can't get that with food stamps but I do have washcloths. When the clothes get dirty, and i don't have bucks to go to laundromat, then I wash things out by hand with dish soap. That's what I did with my bra today, since it hadn't dried out by the time I was ready to leave the house, I just put it on wet. Brrr!

Landlord shut  off  our heat, and it will remain cold until June.    If it gets up to 70 outside, then the house stays at 95 degrees til about 10 or 11 at night. You might as well go to sleep in the buff.

 However, by 1 a.m. the bedroom is down to , upper 40's low 50's. I'm too cold to get back to sleep. Unless I drag the defective air mattress to the living room, and turn on the electric oven for heat and try to go back to sleep. I worry a little bit about fire, but I can't do without the heat. The oven is fumy, so my lungs get congested and my throat is chronically sore. In a few days it will be back down to the 20's at night, so I may have to keep the air mattress in the living room. At times the noise from the neighbors fighting, the stereos, the dogs, and the ice cream truck playing yankee doodle dandy over and over for 2 or more hours is quite maddening. I hope to buy a white noise machine in May.

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