Saturday, August 1, 2009

"All Good things must come to an end"

Now, I don't  believe that absolutely every good thing will come to an end. But my over allexperience is that I probably should not get my hopes up.

I popped into roller rink Sportsman's Hall today to see the renovations and to consider watching people skate for a few minutes before driving into Baltimore. I asked the clerk if it would cost me anything to just go in and watch. She said yes. It costs 6.50 for general admission and 3 dollars for skate rental. I replied:  " Looks like roller skating nowadays is for the well to do!"

"Yes, it certainly is" she replied.

"Tell you what" she said. "I'm going to let you in for free since you're with "Maryland for Health Care"

(I am?) I thought to myself? I looked down at my t-shirt. Why, yes indeed! I am with MD for health care!

This is comical because nearly every tshirt I wear is from the goodwill.

She said: "You'll have to keep your mouth shut, because I see you are chewing gum"

I went in and watched. An 11 year old girl with a speech impediment stumbled toward the railing and declared to me with a smile:

 "This is not as easy as it looks!"

"Are you a new skater?" I asked.

"Well, kind of!"

me "My first time here was when I was 12. Wanna know what's funny? They let me in for free because they think I'm with this organization. I pointed to my tshirt. It is really expensive to skate!"

girl-"I get in for free because my mother is the custodian for Sportsman's Hall"

A few minutes later a dad and 5 year old daugher tumble into the rail. I asked "Now, is she teaching you? Or, are you teaching her?"

"We're teaching each other, they smiled!"

A 13 year old pony tailed guard reprimanded them for talking to me and told them they must keep skating, they aren't allowed to stop on the rink at all. I'm really disspointed at the disapproving air of this entire experience so I decide to leave.

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