Monday, August 24, 2009

"If I see you driving dangerously"

I will not hesitate to call the cops on you. today i called the cops on someone who passed me at 80 mph over the double yellow line in a 30 mile zone. i WILL memorize your plate! So don't tempt me, got it?!

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Anonymous said...

How did you know they were traveling 80 mph? Maybe you were not driving very well and the other driver wanted to get around you? It comes down to - Don't sweat the small stuff. Not every driver out there wants to drive 30 mph exactly or below then back to exactly 30 mph. If you have to drive at or below the posted speed limit be courteous and pull over when it’s safe and let others pass. You never know they might be on the way to the hospital or an undercover police on the way to protect someone.