Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Employers listen up"

I've often thought about the millions of Americans who could get back to work if American employers were willing to make some reasonable accomodations.

I.E. I'm good with math, enjoy cash registering, counting money, and the people interaction, but I'm unable to stand for long periods. Why in the world don't we put comfy chairs there for the employees. There are many examples of workplaces where just as much work could get done and disabled folks could get back to work if they were given a chair.

Greeters at Wal Mart, Greetings and Readings. There is no reason in the world that these greeters shouldn't be given chairs!

Let's get America working again people. This IS NOT rocket science.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen Walmart greeters sitting in chairs. I have also seen them asleep in the chairs!

If your so good at math then take up a job that pays well. Working as a cashier today takes very little skill and smarts since the register is smarter then the person running it. Please if your smart then take on challenge! EARN some money and live well. Work as a Tax adviser. You can sit, talk to people and do math. :)