Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Can I Have a Hug?"

That's how my day ended today.............................with a four year old in a coffee shop asking me if she can have a hug?! (Of course you can have a hug!)

Yesterday, I drove 46 miles round trip to the only emergency service agency that I thought might help me with auto expenses.  The only thing they were able to help with was my auto emissions fee......................................but if I've willing to make an appt. with a job search counselor they are willing to help in more of an ongoing way.

Zoe told me I'd have to get to the agency before 12:30 in the afternoon. When I got there, the receptionist said: "Well, she's not in today!" (I'll tell ya, if I was a receptionist I'm sure I'd say "but I'm sure there is something we can do to help since Z. told you to be here!) The recep. was ready to just turn me away, but I said, "I just drove 23 miles because I was told I had to be here!" They did find someone who helped me.

Today, when I went to get the emissions test done, I think the clerk took joy in telling me that I failed. Wanna know why I failed? Because the "check engine" light stays on all of the time. I tried to have that corrected when the car was under warranty, and the light only stayed off for a couple of days then came back on again. I can't spend my whole life in the auto shop! As it stands I have to have the mechanic re-do the work he did in the first week of June because the repair went awry. The whole society is broken.

Thank goodness for children. I talked to this 4 year old for quite a while, and I felt by the end of the conversation that I might have been adopted by this family! They walked me to my car, then helped me with directions!

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