Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"The Best Health Care in the World"

If it weren't for Byron putting gas in my tank this morning, I would have never made it. I would have never made it to my vision appt. at Wilmer.....................Wilmer Eye Institute. People travel the world to Baltimore so they can get care from Johns Hopkins Hospital and Institute.

I have no doubt that the diagnosis I received and the overall care I got was good. But both the asst. and the doctor seemed very rushed. The asst. was pretty condescending. When I told her that I had one experience a few weeks ago where I was completely blind for 4 minutes she rolled her eyes at me. "People don't just go blind unless there is a reason"

E-"And if you don't know the reason, I certainly don't either"

She put all sorts of drops in my eyes before doing the exam. Boy was I surprised when she said "you're vision is perfect" "no abnormal eye pressure" The doctor will be in to do another test, but first you have to sit in the lobby and wait for your eyes to dilate"

After about 1/2 hour the Doc. came in. Also, his speech was so rushed, that when I went to ask a question he interrupted me in the middle. I had to repeat the question to make sure he heard me. He also gave me a clean bill of health but is going to do a visual field test on a different day.

When I left, I found the sun hurt my eyes badly and my vision was blurred. I tried to drive to Whole Foods, but had trouble. I stopped at the park, hoping to hike while waiting for my eyes to normalize, but I couldn't because the light/sun hurt my eyes so bad.

Where besides a bar is dark enough for me to hang out for a while. I hung in STarbux Mt. Washington for over an hour. My eyes still aren't right. All together I waited 2.5 hours before heading back to Carroll County, my eyes are still dialated.

It's really something to sit in the lobby of Wilmer, and realize that I'm surrounded by well to do patients, for the most part.

But when my appt. was over, I asked the Doc. can you refer me to a place that can afford to pay for my glasses, I don't have the $ to pay for new glasses.

He said he doesn't know, but the optical people might in the eyeglass clinic. I waited before asking. They told me what types of glasses were an option for me (progressive, readers, etc) I found it all pretty confusing. They said "The frames range from 99 to 499!" That's when I asked if they could refer me out. I told them that once, Penn OPtical gave me free glasses years ago before I was on Medicare. Of course I know to try the Lion's Club. They gave me one more option of a place to call.

I'll let you know whether or not I find anybody to pay for my glasses. I've needed new ones for years. But, I'm thrilled and surprised (because my # is -850) that my eyes appear to be perfect! And despite the not so great people skills of the workers......................I'm most grateful to be receiving some of the best health care known to America!

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