Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"At Least I've got my readers!"

I think you're just about the only ones who are taking the time to listen to me. Today, I had an appt. with a specialist on Westminster Pike. But the paperwork said that I was supposed to go to Westminster Road. I followed the signs to W. Road and all there were were houses no clinics. A stranger on the highway let me use his cell. The receptionist couldn't give directions. I discovered that even though the paper work said I was suppose dto go to W. Road the clinic was on W. pike. By the time I got there I told the recep. about the error. She said, "you're wrong, this is westminster road"

(oh no, i'm not wrong, if you drive along westminster pike you expressly see a sign for a service road entitled westminster road. there is nothing but houses there and it dead ends into another road with another name)

I said, "you need to correct your paperwork"

Another recept. came from the back "I can assure you Ms. Snyder, this IS west road." Since no one would listen to me, I told the Dr. about the error. He was excellent as far as being a Doctor goes. Sensitive, warm, smart. But as soon as I told him about the error on the paper work he said: "I don't have time for this, I have a patient"

He just walked out on me!

Doesn't anyone take the time to listen?

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