Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Coping" with indoor and outdoor environments

This can't be healthy. Going from my 160 degree plus car, to a circa 50 degree café! in a flash.    One way that I try to lessen this unhealthy impact  is to eat outside. I've eaten 1 to 3 meals outside for the last 12 weeks.

I'm miserable inside most public places because I need to  a winter coat,  a scarf and hat... IN SUMMER!   The other problem with  indoor environments  is that they are often unbearably loud. 

Employees in virtually all restaurants cafes are cleaning when I'm in there. Whether they are windexing the glass, mopping, sweeping, whatever it is, I find it impossible to enjoy.   Many of the restaurants have outdoor tables, but at least 1/2 of the time;  muzak is being piped outside!

When I absolutely have to be indoors  I take my solar heated winter coat out of my car, put it on and go inside. Ironically the icy indoor environs cool off my coat very fast.............................

For me , living in a warm climate is an absolute necessity and I don't honestly know how I'll cope after about 10/15, when it's freezing outside and inside, and there are no public places to be enjoyed.

Google "over air conditioned public places" and you'll find that there are lots of people who are miserable like me with modern society.

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