Monday, August 10, 2009

"Sing the R.V.R. song!"

Last week, I saw an ad in the paper for family fun day at river valley ranch in millers, md. I was reminded that I went to camp there for one week in 1976. When my parents sent me they had no idea it was a Christian camp so they did not send a bible with me. I think I recall they had to drive one up to me!

The first night, my cabin mate stole my nightgown. The 3rd day, Wendy, another camper, said I should follow her over to the gift shop so she can show me how good she is at stealing!

Perhaps these parents are sending their kids to Evangelical Camp in the hopes of reforming them? Or to get a break from them for a week?

I went to family fun day and nobody really spoke to me until meal time. But the rodeo was real cool, and I ended up sitting with a beautiful family for the Chuckwagon dinner, with 3 kids and their mom. The 22 year old man was from Pikeville, and an artist who has always wanted to draw a painting of what he remembers from riding the #8 bus along York Road. I encouraged him to follow thru with that so I can see the final piece.

The ranch look like it always did except that many young folks were glued to their cell phones or Blackberrys seeming disconnected from real life.

I overheard a teen girl say the following into her cell phone:

"I hate butterflies, day still bugs!"

I won a horse trophy in 76 that labelled me Camper of the Week. It wasn't clear to me how I could have won something like that short of the fact that the hellfire and damnation sermon convinced me to become Born Again!...................................

I was hoping they'd sing the RVR camp song on Saturday but they did not.

All I can remember is that it went:

Sing the rvr song, as we're riding along....................."

perhaps it's on the website?

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