Friday, July 31, 2015

I didn't read the article

I don't have to read the whole thing to know that I'm going to love this I'm one of the first people in my community to call animal control when animals are left in hot cars or otherwise endangered

But all in all most of you know that I despise this dog centric culture. There is no one within 2 miles of where I live who will walk outdoors unless they are a walking to their car or B taking their car out taking their dog outside to pee.

Sadly extremely few of them are willing to exercise their dogs instead they're cooped up in apartments all day long and only briefly let out to pee or poop

I just all around the spice everything to do with our dogs centric culture and there in a no nurse. You can't even get a bloody nanny job if you don't love dogs! I thought I was supposed to love the children?! Why do I need to give you a dissertation on why I don't want to work with dogs underfoot

All this being said I'm going to share this website with you that I haven't even had an opportunity to review yet

(Or dot org)

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