Monday, October 15, 2012

"Breaking Amish/sabrina seeks out biological parents"

I saw for the first time last night, Breaking Amish.  This is an excellent reality show.  I wonder where these kids get all the money needed to live in and explore Manhattan?  I assume they must be paid really well!  I had always admired and have always been a tad jealous of the Amish.  Now my perspective is a bit different.

I was moved to tears when S. did her search for her biological parents, since i went through the same thing.  But, i thought it was a bit "over the top" that she hired a detective.  Most folks don't have those kind of resources and would start out with efforts that don't involve the expenditure of any funds.  So sadly s's mother died but the father is alive, so i'm eager to see what comes of this!

I will keep tuning in.

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