Monday, October 8, 2012

"My current environment"

It's one room.  It goes for 900 a month.  There is no heating system whatsoever.  It's freezing!  2x a day I run the shower and just sit in there for the heat and sauna effect.  It's not disgusting but it's not as clean as I'd like.  Hair on the pillowcases.  The towels smell bad.  They are thin and ragged with swiss cheese holes in them.

Very noisy, there was hammering in the middle of the night.  Loud stereos alot of street noise.  Don't feel particularly safe.  My key doesn't work.  The lock doesn't work right.

No body was there to check me in I ended up having to call them on phone even though I was in lobby.  The guy seems pretty dumb.  His hands are blackened and greasy and it repulses me that I had to handle the same key he just handled.  He has an open wound on his hand and says he "might be going in for surgery tomorrow"

He says there is free coffee and buns, but do I want to eat food that has been handled by those hands?

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