Monday, August 12, 2013

"Breaking Amish"

So, as this new episode begins I think to myself, WOW , Andrew is a total A-hole and very disrespectful the way he came barging into the house in L.A. deciding which bed he wanted even though the beds had already been assigned.

He's lucky the guys didn't beat the sh#$ out of him!

I was stunned that Samuel offered to go out and hang out with Andrew.

Matt can be judgemental but overall he seems to be one of the most forgiving and tolerant:  he said:

"I'll pray for Samuel and Andrew!"

Fun to watch the makeovers.  I didn't really think Betsy looked good after the makeover perhaps because she is so pale and skinny and really does look sick.

Samuel shares my views on tattoos....YUK!

It's as if these kids have moved to a foreign country.  The first time with electricity!  First time drving in a car, they did not know how to use a microwave and was not able to figure out what the dishwasher was.  wow!  Not easy!  Thank goodness they have each other.

Iva says she had been in college so she had dressed "English" in the past.  That surprised me.

The girls look stunning in their new English clothes!

Betsy says she is jealous of Iva and Devon.  I think Iva is right when she replies: "that is ur problem not my problem"

Interesting that we still do not know anything about Betsy's husband.  She requested the bedroom intended for married people, but I'm not sure why.

Sam and Lizzie should have discussed what an ultrasound is before they got there!  In the end however Samuel is excited that he is going to be an uncle.

(I have to walk to the bus and may not be able to finish this posting.  I may have to do a part 2 when I get back to the library)

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