Monday, August 12, 2013

Medical Marijuana

I'm definitely the sort of person who does not allow myself to get excited about ANYTHING in advance.  I was hoping the mmj would give me a more normal life.  But thus far it hasn't reduced my pain at all.  There is a chance that it is helping me sleep better but I don't really know for sure.

So, since I only get pain relief when I sleep, I am still very low functioning and can't better my life at all.

I still believe in mmj as I have for more then 20 years.

I was watching a special with Sanjay Gupta called "Weed/Special Report"

Absolutely amazing.  There is a little girl named Charlotte who (I tuned in a little late) had been catatonic for a long time with seizures.  Her and her family went from having no normal life at all to having a great life after the parents started her on mmj.  Now she talks and walks and has fun!

My jaw was dropped for much of this show.  Apparently Israel is the groundbreaking country for mmj.  The minister of health believes in it and most mmj research happens just outside of Tel Aviv.  Moshe who survived the Holocaust is in his late 70's at lives in a state run nursing home where patients are treated with pot.  They say there is no comparison to their lives before pot and after pot.

At the Sheba Medical Center there is a patient who is cancer free now that he is on pot!

The Israeli government supports pot research and have found that pot protects the brain!


My situation is that I've been assigned a "caregiver" (he is not a dr. but he is overseen by a doctor) who is my supplier! who makes recommendations on what I need and how much.  He said that I can try it in different forms and see if that makes a difference.

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