Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pill Nation/Drugs Inc.

There are many shows on cable that I am fascinated with but the commercials are a huge time waster.

I took notes for the show "Pill Nation" A part of the series Drugs Inc.

1.9 million Americans are addicted to prescription pills.  I wonder if most of those people do the drugs because they can't cope with their life circumstances so choose to kill themselves slowly, as opposed to by suicide.

There were 13 armed robberies in 2010 at pharmacies! 

28k people a year die from pain pill abuse.

Doug injects oxycodone so he doesn't have to go through the withdrawls.  He acquired hepatitis c from sharing needles.  He lives in Portsmouth, OH and pictures a bleak future.

On the street You would pay about $90.00 for 3 thrity mg. pills.

The huge black market for pills goes beyond u.s. borders.

Tijuana has many pill hustlers who sell for cheaper then in the u.s. so americans go to mexico.  Dr's in Tijuana are very corrupt.

In Florida there was a Dr. named Larry Friedes who admits he was a f/t junkie by 2006.  He also gives away pill prescriptions.

Alex goes undercover faking a back problem at "pain management" also known as pill mills.

The Dr. did an MRI so he would have an excuse to give Alan pills.  Alex and his friends go "dr. shopping"  Alex is one of the biggest dealers and there is an epidemic in Massachusetts.

38 pill mills are eventually forced to close in FL.  Many of the pill mills are cash only!


All of this craziness is why people who really need pain relief are getting it because doctor's won't prescribe to the ones who need it the most for chronic pain.

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