Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Breaking Amish"/"Amish Grace" movie

Wow, talk about a shocking turn of events!  Iva could end up in jail herself for lying to police!  I guess it's no surprise that Betsy figured out a way to get even more home videos!  A three some!  It appears that Sam has/will forgive Iva and I think he should, in that, they are not married.

I can't find my notes for this episode of the show and the library is noisy so i'm having a hard time concentrating, so this is a tad short I know.


"Amish Grace"

This was very poignant for me.  I know that it is "based on a true story"  And I wonder which parts are fictitious.  I recall when the actual shooting happened I was up set for quite a while.

So amazing and beautiful when the 3 Amish men showed up at the killer's wife house to offer up love and forgiveness. 

The one disgruntled wife was the easiest for me to relate to because I can't imagine a life of submission which is what these women have to put up with. 

The one telecaster who "befriended" the wife seemed unlikely.  Would the journalist have really been allowed to offer the wife rides in her car?  Doubt that.

"God called the children home"  Yes, it makes no sense whatsoever because it makes it seems like "god" and the killer were in cahoots!  tough thing to buy. 

"We don't need a graven image" (of our late daughter) the husband said to the wife.  She replied "it would comfort me though!"  It's rather amazing that she didn't end up going to Philly but decided to stay in the Amish community after finding out that her late daughter told the killer "we'll pray 4 u!"

There was a quote in the movie that I said almost word for word back in April.  And that quote is "If you hate there is no room in your heart for love"

What I said was in regards to my observations of men and women at the shelter (I stayed one night in April)  I told one of the men in the shelter "Some of these people have so much anger in their hearts that they leave no room for anything positive or happy to come in"

And my final comment is regarding the practice of "shunning"

I believe it's the antithesis of a loving Christian life.


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