Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Breaking Amish"

episode aired on 8/18

This episode was high stress to watch.  Betsy and the candles. Andrew watches and is admonished to not blow the candles out.

Devon doesn't believe in witchcraft and i think he says his mom was into it.  Do i personally blieve that Betsy is capable of placing a hex?  maybe.  Because i have wondred whether a "hex" was placed on me!

Iva calls Sam and they become instantly engaged even though I'va has been conducting herself as a single woman and has never mentioned Sam to anyone!

Betsy seems to be hypersexual.  I am really dissapointed in her behavior and it is terrifying that she wrote those messages to everyone in the house and destroyed property!  Wow!  I believe Iva who has declared that she found Betsy on top of her..

The kids told Betsy she has to give up the witchcraft but i doubt that is going to happen any faster then one could simply "give up" being Amish.  These things don't happen overnight.

I'm stunned Betsy left and wondered how much money the producers give her and whether or not she'll have to sleep outdoors.

Sam telling Iva to go to authorities is extremely wise.  Andrew fell down steps ;( and won ders if he has been hexed.  Couold be.

Betsy is in hotel who paid for it?

Wow, "thunder down under" i didn't know if this was group from Australia or what the deal was.

It worries me alot that betsy says she will run I'va's life "like iva ruined hers"

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