Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"The Little Couple"

I really love cable.  There is something i really don't love however.  Those bloody commercials.  For example they were showing Titanic and listed a running time of 4.5 hours!  That's roughly 2 hours worth of commercials.  aahhh.  so most of the time i don't do movies for that reason.

I There are many shows i follow that i haven't blogged about yet.  I am following "The little couple"  Love this family.  What amazing people and parents.  I have seen extremely few "midgets" in my life and I'm curious how many Americans are born as dwarfs, called dwarfism.  They should say that on the show. 

Wonder if little Will , will ever want to find his bio. parents.  In the meantime this kid is incredibly lucky.  Is a bit sad about all the medical procedures he may have to go through but Will and Jen are incredible people.

I have never seen a little person at a job.  I wonder if many end up not working because of the physical limitations.  I wonder if you can go on disability because you are born with dwarfism.  Funny dad would be considered "tall" in that he is 10 inches taller then Jen!

Looks like this family has a bright future ahead.

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