Saturday, August 24, 2013


I felt rested enough on Thursday that i tried a new karaoke spot.  My initial impression of the venue was that as soon as i walked in i wanted to turn and walk out.

First i wanted to tell you that i took the bus there just to find out that it was nearly a mile and a half walk in pitch black to get there.  A seriously mentally ill man and a very drunk man, got off at my stop and didn't seem to have anywhere to go so i felt very unsafe.

I did make it o.k. after many looks over my shoulder.

The bar was very dark, my vision is poor.  The floor had many tiny steps and uneven-ness i had to hang on to walls and pillars to make sure i didnt fall.

Surprisingly, it was a country bar and i was concerned that i would only b able to sing country.  But i put it a request to do a rock song and they had it.

My first song was

"don't stop believin'"  it went over very well
"crazy" by p.cline
"first time ever i saw ur face"

and one duet.

Made a couple of new friends and as per usual it was "soul renewing" to b up on stage using my "god" given gift!  ;)

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