Thursday, August 15, 2013

Breaking Amish

breaking amish part 2

Samuels adventure at work reminds me a great deal of my own wild and wacky work adventures.  if one includes my temp. jobs i have easily had 200 jobs in my life.  riding in the back of a pick up and not e ven knowing where ur going!  then you aregiven ur work orders in a language u don't even know!  awful!

so typical of many work places is that they rushed him and complained he is "slow" whereas like me, he is eethical and wants to do a good job not a sloppy one which means going a little slower.

wow the minute the guys sit down at lunch he discovers that there is no amish woman there to bring him his lunch!  what he does have in common with the guys is that he is also "essentially from a foreign country just like they are!  how kind for the guy to share his lunch with samuel.

funny when samuel had to say: "i don't know spanish!"

so he gets invited to the wild party (which does look like fun) but he has no idea that south central is the bad part of l.a. 

so, i have mixed feelings about him having possibly lost his virginity.  becaUSE if he did, he likely used no condoms opening h imself up to std or to getting her pregnant.  also, losing ur virginity to a stranger as opposed to someone who loves and cares about u, well u get the idea.

It was wise, good judgement of andrew not to go to the party since he is on probation.

ahh yes devon getting stood up.  i have had that happen to me hundreds of times.  how lucky he had a backup with a beautiful woman, iva! I would have guessed that they could end up together however i have unfortunately seen the preview for this sunday and iva contacts her b/f back home.

can't wait to see the next one

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