Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"wHO DO you think u are?"

So, i am following the series wdytya.  last night they focused on Cindy Crawford.  All I knew is that she is a model, I don't know her age, because it's hard to tell since she got a facelift.  (it appears)

What a lucky woman to have grown up in a huge loving extended family!  It is my belief that behind nearly EVERY successful person is a loving supportive family.  I can only think of one celebrity who did it without family and that's Ice-T.

Anyway I am as surprised as she is regarding the fact that she was able to trace back more then 1k years.  wow!  descended from royalty! Distant relative to Hemingway!

The internet is a wonderful thing.  And knowing one's tree is so important.  When I was in elementary school they make you do the tree, and because you are so young, you don't realize that putting the tree of your adoptive family is not the same thing as knowing your tree!

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