Saturday, October 25, 2014

controversial new YouTube video

so I've been watching the TV show E. T. Or is it just called E? And they are interviewing the parents of the little girls who did the video www. F ck H 8 dot com I think that's right I should have written it down with pen and paper but it's also known as cussing for a cause after viewing the video I have not made up my mind on how I feel about the fact that some of the little girls are very very young. Most children by the time they're three have heard and spoken cuss words. And I do believe that our society has its values very out of line. Because we don't seem to mind that our children are viewing thousands of acts of violence per day on TV yet we yet the TV media bleeped out all cuss words it's ridiculous really because the children see all kinds of sex acts on TV and unless the parents have installed controls on their TV then kids have seen all kinds of naughty things by the time they even go into the first grade. So again I haven't completely made up my mind but check it out and see whatuthink.

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