Friday, October 10, 2014

"The ring/synchronicity"

Last Friday night I went to art walk right before going to the e.r.!  I figured since I have such a miserable place to go to, I might as well go to art walk first.

I had a very enjoyable conversation with Laura who was selling her jewelry that she makes.  She's only 20.  After we talked for 40 minutes she said "here, I want you to have this ring that I made" She went on to tell me about the properties held by that particular type of stone and how it would help my health.

Last night, I was watching a show I have only seen once in the past 2 decades, "the waltons!"  The episode was "the lost ring" (and was very predictable) Mary Ellen "borrows" a ring for a day and ends up losing it at the dance!

Today, after being homebound for 3 days, I went to starbucks.  The woman in line was talking about breast cancer and I told her that I was going into be checked on whether or not my "mass" is malignant in a few days. 

She asked me if she could pray for me (which really does move me even though I'm an atheist)  and I said yes you can. 

She got into the car with 5 people after buying her drink (she is a tourist)  Then she must have gotten out of the car because she came back into the starbucks and said: "I've been wearing this ring for 2 years but god led me to give it to you.  She put it on my ring finger on my right hand.  It appears to be gold and silver (perhaps a knockoff) and has a bible passage written on it.  Very pretty.

The ring.

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