Friday, October 31, 2014

part 3 Schenley Shack

I told him that I can't go to Hampden because I only have enough to get gas to go homeafter eating in Ever green.

 He said that he'll put $10 in my tank and  that we can take HIS car.

 I hate to be a passenger ESPECIALLY since he had been  drinking, was very sexually aggressive.

 I reminded him:  "This is a no strings attached, you're just taking me to dinner for the pleasure of conversation dinner!"

 "He did not agree with that at all unfortunately.

But I was starving after all.

. He practically begged me to go to bed with him. He even asked me if I would move in with him!

 He lives in a shack on Shenley Road, and I'm sure he'd LOVE  it to b THE SCHENLEY LOVE SHACK!

 When the waitress at holy frijoles asked us if we wanted something to drink it didn't even occur to me that she meant alcoholic.

 But it occurred to Kelly! As I said he already had 6 beers under his belt and he ordered  yet another drink

I looked at the  drink order menu and ordered a mixed drink that I really knew nothing about! All I really know about as far as alcoholic drinks is Kahlua and cream.

 It turns out that the drink that I ordered and drank down very fast was probably 10 times stronger then drinks I've had in the past AND I drank on an empty stomach.

 It tasted so good that I ordered a second. Kelly kept leaving the table to go smoke cigarettes.   If he  asked me to do something, and I said no, he'd  push me in the hopes that I'd say yes.

 After dinner he put $10 in my gas tank which only gave me less than a quarter of a tank.

 while he was putting gas in my tank he is expecting to receive a $28,000 check next weekand  how much do you need?

 Knowing full well that every man who has ever wanted to help me had wanted something in return I repied I can't take advantage of you and take your money!

I went home and thought aboout it and realized that  I could accept the $ as a loan/ and or I could barter off for counseling services. But, I continue to ponder,  if I were to counsel him there would have to be strict boundaries!

he left a sexually explicit note on my car telling me to call him even though I expressly stated not to come by my place but to email me first since I don't have a phone.

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