Saturday, October 25, 2014

mysteries at the museum the Annabelle doll

so as you can see from my last post if I'm not careful there will be quite a number of typos and I do not yet know how to correct them with my voice. So I'm watching mysteries at the museum how can you not be a believer regarding this Annabelle doll or any of the other amazing things that they show on here and when they talk about curses I I can't help but wonder if one of my relatives put me under a curse but yeah I definitely believe that spirit can live in these items as I told you in the last 10 years I've lived in menti many haunted environments I've never seen any visual apparitions but I have seen things moving I had a real cold spot in my kitchen in the summer time there was no air conditioning and it was really hot there was a spot on the kitchen floor where he put his paper down and we just dance even know there was no kind of breeze or anything like that that place nearly burned down while I was in it but I did get out in time that was then 03 in Indiana ok so any comments about mysteries at the museum this is really educational and really amazing and I wish I could attach the YouTube mysteries at the museumvideo but I do not yet know how to do that

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