Saturday, October 25, 2014

slept like a baby last night

you know I've gone most of my life with a sleep disorder I went all the way through college sleeping no more than two hours tonight the sleep disorder began when I was 12 my parents lost their house and we moved into an apartment and the noise pollution was so excessive that I basically just stop sleeping I would lay there throughout the night unable to sleep quote mother unquote said that it doesn't matter whether or not I sleep as long as I just lay there. But last night I slept nearly 14 hours it makes such a tremendous difference to your mental and physical health and the hell you get through the day so I'm not sure exactly what I'll do today but I know that all function better than I do on the days where I get much less sleep, choppy sleep. In the apartment building where I live there is a lot of banging from probably from the neighbors downstairs as well as the next door neighbor and if the banging happens in a in the middle of the night then my sleep is chopped up and this definitely affects my mood the next day ok well I'll ttyl

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