Saturday, October 25, 2014

I can't believe I survived it all

onApril 7, 2011 I made my escape.the perpetrator victimized me for 14 months straight. There was a seven month. Where are the perp did not know where I had escaped to. But in January 2010 he discovered that I had escaped to a rural apartment complex in Maryland. There's so much I want to tell you about the torture that I endured all the way back from June 2005 through April 2013 with a 7 month break that I just mentioned to you where he was unable to find where I had escaped to. In December 2010 it was perfectly clear that I if I did not escape the rural section 8 apartment then I would be murdered after 4 months of careful planning and secret planning I escaped 2a southwest women shelter. It cost me $600 to make my escape however all of the violent crimes Easley cost me 15 to 20 thousand dollars in losses and damages. The most dangerous time for a female victim is the day she attempts to flee. I knew that I was at very high risk of being murdered that night. Obviously that didn't happen. I am so so proud of everything that I've accomplished. Having no idea whether or not I would have a home in the southwest I still got on that plane and flew more than 2,000 miles into a complete unknown. Even with all the suffering that I go through including the PTSD I have achieved something that is nearly impossible I now have a beautiful apartment a smartphone a flat screen TV and I live in a town that is more healthy than any place I have ever lived before. Every morning I count my blessings and look at my beautiful apartment and realize that my survival was against tremendous odds. I have only been safe for 18 months because my first two years in the southwest I was still terrorized with multiple break ins and vandalism in my home. It doesn't make much sense so the perpetrator would follow me more than 2,000 miles to continue to terrorize me. But the crimes that have occurred in the southwest are extremely similar to the crime that I endured in Maryland. One of the only differences is that the person who's been terrorizing me here has never shot at me whereas in Maryland I was shot at on a fairly regular basis. I read a book that Whoopi Goldberg wrote where she said the women who are trapped in violent situations that the stuff and the belongings do not matter she said you need to escape no matter what. So here I am. My greatest fear is not death but that the journals will not get published but thrown away upon my death. So just like a family with children might make a will I have been working at trying to find a person or persons or museum that will keep my writings and make sure that my story gets told no matter how long I live because it's not safe for me to speak of the details through the blog because the perpetrators are still out there and have not been locked up. I hope this gives female survivors the strength to make their escape no matter what.

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