Wednesday, October 29, 2014

there's a new neurologist in town

 AAwent and saw the new neurologist in town today. Things we discussed are my daily migraines and my severe peripheral neuropathy. He's putting me on a preventitive for the headaches, and he's giving me a higher dose of the neurontin for the nerve pain. He said that the narcotics maybe triggering my headaches. We're going to do a nerve conduction study to determine why I have nerve damage. I told him that it could be the starvation and or the Lyme disease. He surprised me by saying that even though I have survived starvation, most likely my body has already made a full recovery from that. The nerve conduction study should also determine whether or not I am going to end up in a wheelchair or not. Perhaps it will give me more clarity about the neuropathy As I am NOT diabetic.

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