Friday, October 3, 2014

"t.v. show undercover boss"

Pretzel factory

One of the employees is paying for his own college . Billy words full time and goes to college FULL TIME and he is a criminal justice major.  (I once heard that going to college is one of the worst things one can do for their overall health.)

Now undercover boss is in Louisiana.  The Popeyes c .e. o is Lynn Zappone.  She is from Rhode Island and had a decent and privileged childhood.  She's been divorced since 2003.

I say Josh and the crew are terrific.  Josh is very warm.

Josh can't afford to eat the very food he serves!  (I have certainly had that experience MANY times in the last 2 decades.  Josh has to walk to and from work.  He walks to taco bell for his lunch break for which he only gets 30 minutes.  He is majoring in restaurant hotel industry.  He used to live under a bridge.  He is trying to save for a car.  Lynn is realizing that her life is easy compared to her low waged employees.

Now, she is in Horn Lak, MS.  She visits the janitorial department. ( It's neat that Doug, the employee realizes how important his job really is.)

He is required to clean the insides of the garbage cans.  blech!  He states that they got rid of the "Employee of the Month" incentive.  He likes to buy safe cleaners.  (I do the same thing, bleach at my workplaces made me very ill)

During Katrina, he was sent to the Super dome but refused to go.  Instead, he hitchhiked to another town.  Currently he likes to serve food to children.    He wants his own soup kitchen



Lynn said it was so much fun to be in Josh's presence.  She's going to give him $20,000 to use toward college!


10k to buy a car and/or spend as he chooses!

The employee Tina didn't have all the tools she needed to keep the store clean.  She's organizing a family reunion.

Lynn is going to set up an employee relief fund and give Tina 10k in cash.  Lynn

Lynn had been fired from Popeyes due to circumstances around Katrina.


C.E.O. tries to encourage a young male employee to confront an abusive manager.  (I feel he should not have pushed the boy to confront)  yet, I feel it's fabulous that the restaurant was closed down.  I personally have worked for heaps of abusive bosses and can't last even an hour in those conditions.


My comments.  This is a wonderful feel good show and educational regarding what kind of life these wages buy about 1/2 or more of americans.  It's  a distraction to the fact that most Americans living in poverty are never going to have a c e o do these sorts of acts of kindess.  The true act of kindness is to pay employees a living wage so they can afford a comfy "middle class" life.  Currently the government has no across the board definition of middle class.

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