Friday, October 31, 2014

part 1 Schenley Shack

Regarding the $2.65 I have, after a long torturous thought process I decided to live it up and put the extra money in my gas tank.   I get 12 miles to the gallon. I'd be able to go about 10 miles on that, then I'd have to retire the car again until the time which more money comes my way for gas.

 I drove to Charles Village wanting to take a walk in Roland Park. I stop by Sue's house and I stopped by Leah's house to see if either of them would like to walk with me. Neither of them were home. I left them each a note stating that I was sorry I had no phone in which to call them, but did have enough gas to at least pop by their homes.

 Since neither of them were home I drove to Cold Spring Lane and Schenley Road so that I could walk in the vicinity of Roland Park where I feel safe. All I had to eat so far today we're 2 small individually wrapped cinnamon oatmeal packs that I had at home.  I parked my car and proceeded walking up the hill.

 After roughly 3blocks of walking  I saw 4 men hanging out together in front of someone's home. I waved. Their ages were approximately 80, 50, 40 and 60. One was particularly talkative. The 50-year-old insisted that I'm not in Roland Park but instead I'm in the Evergreen neighborhood. They asked me what neighborhood I live in. I told them that apparently  this seems to be up for debate! When I moved in I ask my neighbors what neighborhood it is that we live in I got about five different answers. (one was lake walker)

 Kelly, the 50 year old said he actually helped to build that section 8 building that I live in.

I told the group after about 20 minutes of conversation that I was going to start my walk. I walked for about an hour then I returned back in the direction of my car. Kelly was outside intentionally so that he could run into me. The others have gone in. On my walk back towards the car I had a feeling that Kelly was going to ask me if I eat meat, or perhaps invite me for hamburgers or something of the sort. although I was vegetarian for a few years;when I fell into harsh harsh poverty I went back to eating meat again.

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