Monday, December 8, 2014

8 hours sleep in 9 days

 I havehad 39 years of experience living in environments that are not houses. And all your thinking about is how are you going to resolve this problem? I've tried absolutely everything in the years that I have lived in apartments, and none of it works.

There are a number of noise pollution related forums that I've been reading. I'm having some scary health issues with my eyes as well as neurological problems that I believe R being worsened by the situation

I have only been able to do maybe two tasks in 9 days. There is a horrible Banging a constant sledgehammer it's causing my furniture 2 shake and Jolt.  it is not uncommon to Get joltedwhen you're on the toilet it is not uncommon for the bathtub to shake when you're in it! but the absolute worst is when you're in bed because right now I can feel my bed shaking but particularly terrifying to be woken up when you're just going off to sleep.No wonder I was unable to figure out that I had actually experienced an earthquake last week!

In my life experience all apartment buildings are built with paper thin walls and ceilings. Unfortunately I probably will have to call the police again tonight, and likely will have to get involved with the courts because this is so serious. Maddening on every level!

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