Friday, December 5, 2014

Kendra on top Costa Rica

 December 2010 when I was needing to flee an extremely dangerous life situation one of the places I looked into moving to was Costa Rica. I

took a big Map and put a pin onevery single place that I found interesting And/o much better quality of life than Baltimore

I called every single homeless shelter in every city state and region that I thought might be an interesting place to live. I then asked them if they would accept someone from out of state that would be coming one way on a one way plane ticket.

There were very very few places in the United States that were able to take someone from a different state so it took me four months to plan it but I finally found the town that said that they would take me.

Yes I can really relate to what Kendra was saying about seeing herself as a free spirit and her father as a free spirit I definitely consider myself a free spirit I'm sure I would be very happy also living in a place like her father lives in .

Do I detect a tic?t looks like he might have Parkinson's? I guess I'll find out soon enough

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