Thursday, December 18, 2014

90 day fiance

bare with me I probably will not remember the names of all the characters but I think you'll still be able to figure out who I'm talking about if you've been following this reality show.

I will start by saying that beautiful young lady she's 21 and she's from South Africa I think that her and her partner have a really great chance at making it work. I really didn't think her fiance's father would come around, I'm very very moved that little by little he's looking past her skin colour and seeing what an amazing human being she really is. I was also really moved it how the two extended families connected so well and his mom her mother in law is a real angel. I would really like to see this relationship work

Unfortunately the commercials for the upcoming shows always have spoilers in them so we already know that cassia and her partner are going to be breaking up. They are all well they match every step of the way. I I can definitely understand why cassia was upset when her fiance went off and did the bachelor party against her will. I think it was absolutely awful that he behave that way, he had a lot of alcohol in him and this is a sign of problems problems to come. I think that these people who come from overseas don't realize how lonely they are going to feel and then when they get here they are shocked.

I thought that daya was way too hard on her fiance after overhearing a conversation between him and his mother, he said absolutely nothing bad about her. I just don't know I just don't think she is in love with him as he is with her although I do believe her when she says that the opportunity to be with his little girl has made her be less selfish person

Is his name Mohammed anyway the guy from Tunisia and his partner. I just don't get it I have never understood how people can be attracted to morbidly obese people but there are plenty of people who love morbidly obese people. I do think that he is a very genuine person but I just don't understand what he sees in her and I just don't see that they have anything in common.

I felt a great deal of compassion for her when they let her go from her jobbecause I have been fired many many times in my life even though I am an intelligent person. He has every right to be concerned that her debts will affect him.

The adorable little Latino guy I actually went to YouTube to watch him perform in the band that he used to be in I really think this couple can make it she is very loving and he's very loving and they're already doing a good job about compromising. I think I'm forgetting to discuss a couple oh well if I remember who that is I'll come back and make another post

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