Saturday, December 27, 2014

who the bleep did I marry

I jus

t watched an episode of who the bleep did I marry, Investigation Discovery Channel true crime. I know exactly how the Beth Miller felt! I would never say to anyone I know exactly how you feel. That's one of the things that we learned in social work school, & I hate it when other people tell me that they knew exactly what I'm going through because chances are that's bullshit.

But in this case I know exactly how that must have felt when she found out that her husband was a serial arsonist. As I told you back in autumn 2011 I have an acquaintance friend named Jim and we did maybe two or three things together and that was it. I knew the guy had problems but never in a million years could I have imagined that I would be picking up the newspaper in July 2011 and finding that he had been charged with 7 cOunts of arson!

I'm thinking about my friend David in New Jersey who worships the ground a woman walks on if she is attractive. Well there's plenty of handsome men in mountain town but the single man that I met on the buses the soup kitchen in the library the majority of them were crazy motherfuckers even if they were as good looking as a model!

This is one reason why I feel that it is critically important not to jump into bed with a person no matter how high your sex drive might be you do not know who this person is and you need to give it time to find out who they are! And this goes for men and women

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