Tuesday, December 2, 2014

motives and murders cracking the case

this  is the wEndy stark case. Wendy and I were both 20 years old in 1982 she was attending the University of Maryland College Park yeaster 1988 I will also be attending University of Maryland College Park.

Both her personality before she was murdered as well as the case in general well I have / had a great deal in common with her there are 20 more minutes left of the show I assume that they're going to be able to prosecute her murderer

They described her as feisty like me she wasn't about going through life being afraid and in this case that's part of what got her murdered.

The other thing I have in common with her and her case is that it's been 9 years my case is not been solved and the people who perpetrated the crimes against me are still not in prison

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