Monday, December 29, 2014

the ed show/bridging the divide

I  A fter3 on  my way out of the house but just before turning off the television I caught about 2 to 3 minutes of the ed show on race relations.

 I have numerous blog posts about this issue and I don't think there's much for me to learn on this issue for that reason I am NOT going to watch the remainder of the show.

I believe that the only way race relations can be changed is With people who are willing to be open minded and people who are willing to become educated.

As a white educated woman I have experienced more black on white racism than any of my white female acquaintances or friends. Most of my white acquaintances we're born into extreme wealtH they can afford to live in predominantly white neighborhoods shop in low crime areas basically they live in a different America than I did,and never had to experience being the only white person on Baltimore's public buses such as bus number 8 as an example.

I could write an entire book gleaning from the journals life kept over the last 20 years, on my experiences with black on white racism. One time I went into a McDonalds in Baltimore County and the entire staff were black and they told me that I should go drink toilet water they laughed at me when I asked for a manager because he was right with them. I could just go on and on and on and on and on with experiences such as these and many were death threats.

I feel based on my experiences on buses and restaurants and retail stores in Baltimore City I feel that the issue in Baltimore is pretty much hopeless.the weird thing is and those of you have been following me for a while already know this; when I lived in Randallstown from 1969 to 1975 in my parents house /my street was extremely diverse

. My best friend from 1971 to 1973 was a black boy and the first boy I ever fell in love with was a black boy for the most part people on my street saw No color! but everybody on my street was educated and well to do.

  After 1993 when I began the cycle of homelessness, Iwas the victim of so mucH reverse racism that I knew that all I could really do with flea the entire region. Now obviously if I were not in poverty I could just go live in the rich parts of Baltimore like Aurora did and like Brenda did and like Leslie did and like dan did because they were wealthy enough to make those choices.

So as you know in April 2011 I was forced to flee, not all of it was because of black on white racism ; most of it was because of the death threats. I've told you a tiny bit of the story on the blog but most of it will have to wait for a book or a movie or a documentary. It's just too gruesome to put on the blog.

Any issues of race relations that are discussed in the media well you're pretty much preaching to the choir; people who already have friends of all races, aND people who already openly date or openly marry people of other races.

 But you're not going to change the minds of the thousands and or millions of black adults who were taught as little children that they should hate white people because we are the enemy...

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