Thursday, December 18, 2014

a review of the last month

so, like I said about a month ago this horrible horrible banging started up inside of my apartment building sometimes you would hear the banging twice a minute other times only every 15 minutes but because of the fact that it was around the clock I have been awake for almost a month now.

The sleep deprivation triggers migraines and I'm only given nine migraine pillsper month. That means that once I run out of the pills I just have to suffer the migraines crush my skull and my eyeballs in my teeth. I have chronic severe stomach pain that never goes away. I had a migraine for the last 8 days and 3 days ago I began vomiting, talk about a living hell. Nothing makes you pray for death more then migraines with vomiting it is nothing short of torture.

I said to my nurse practitioner about 3 weeks ago that just because a person doesn't have family should not mean that "I am left to the dogs" and I have essentially been left to the dogs since 1994. I am NOT suggesting that not one single person has come through for me. Because Diane and Linda did a great deal for me since 1994 butwith everything from the repeat violent crimes,homelessness, long periods of starvation I really never discuss the details of my life with anyone. I met David on the chat line in 2007, but he has dementia which by the way I'm the one that diagnosed him semicolon I told him a lot of details about what I have been through since 2007 but due to his dementia he can't remember what I told him 3 hours ago at breakfast time :-(

my nurse practitioner found out that I qualify for home health care it is completely covered by Medicare, I qualify for it because of the fact that I am mostly home bound.

Yesterday the nurse came to my house for the first time .  in the first few minutes I really didn't care for her she has a really really loud voice in a bit of an abrasive personality likely because of where she grew up but I'm going to give her another chance.

Ironically she didn't seem to be even remotely worried about my condition.I do not attribute this to be a lack of caring, I attribute this to the fact that she does not know my medical history therefore does not realize that what is going on is probably actually quite serious!

Starting about 8 years ago the GI doctor implored me that I need the endoscopy and colonoscopy I also have weird things going on with my throat and loud raspy gurgly sounds when I breathe. Much of my weird symptoms many of them neurological I simply document in my notebook but don't talk about.

Well I can't go forever without eating and vomiting indefinitely so I went to Urgent Care place number one about 3 hours after the home health care nurse left my house, because the home health care nurse is unable to write out prescriptions.

Interstingly Urgent Care place number one stated that I am violently ill and need to be in the ER so they refuse to give me any sort of migraine medicine. But I know that I need the endoscopy colonoscopy and the main reason that I haven't done it is because you are required to have someone drive you there stay with you drove you home and then stay with you and there is nobody I'm comfortable asking that of.

By the way I haven't even had the wherewithal to find out whether or not I have breast cancer

So I drove to Urgent Care place number 2 and that doctor wrote me a prescription for nausea pills and to migraine pills. By 5 o'clock this morning the migraine finally went away I am able to eat a little bit but this is no way to live because it's just a matter of time before this all happens again.

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