Thursday, December 11, 2014

what I'm searching for probably does not exist

because of my income level what I need and what I'm searching for are probably not even a possibility. I have been awake for about 15 days now in that 15 days I've had oh I'm going to say 18 hours of sleep.

I feel so blessed so to speak for my beautiful apartment and I recently decorated it. I don't have the physical mental or spiritual energy to transfer to another complex. However if I stay here it's going to continue to chip away at my health.

The only answer for a person like me who needs quiet is to buy a home or marry rich. Well I'm not even dating so the very rich part doesn't look like it's going to happen. Apartment living is really s*** unless you're lucky enough to find a place that has walls and floors that are soundproofed. It's very late at night right now I'm sitting in the chair in the living room and it is constantly shaking and vibrating because of what other people are doing in their apartments. It's Ludacris that this complex is considered Elite! Oh how funny I'm speaking into a recorder and look at how the recorder spelled Ludacris its spelled it just like the rap artist! All I can say is one hour at a time and I'm sure hoping that this landlord can do something to get this noise issue under control at least inside the building.

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