Wednesday, December 10, 2014

my multi level dreams

My greatest fear is that I will die and all my writings will get thrown away.  So, off and on for years I have attempted to build a "team" of sorts.  That team could consist of 3 people or 10 people.  The only requirement is that the person care enough about my story and it's preservation that they on some level help make sure the story gets told.

In addition to a bio, and autobio, I am totally open to a movie and/or selling my story.  Although I know my story is worth a great deal of money doesn't necessarily mean I can make it happen.

So, I'm open to investigation discovery telling part of my story and/or dateline.

Last night at new writer's group, I met someone who is interested in being on my team.  She offered up some specifics of what she can do, so it's exciting on the one hand and on the other hand with the life I've had I know not to get too excited in advance.

The cost of living is compared to Hawaii, but what exactly is "cost"

"Cost" was going 9 years with regular home invasions and looting.  Cost is conditions that d estry your health, now that's cost!

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