Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Yes it's gritty, no, not negative, yes brutally honest"

The Janet Overton Case/Investigation Discovery/Your Worst NIghtmare

I can relate to this show, and what happened to Janet.  I can relate to being violently ill and the medical profession not being able to help.  As I watch this tonight, I have violent stomach pain, nausea, migraine and very sleep deprived.

The nausea is  chronic and may be from fibromyalgia but I don't know

The other reason I can relate to this bis because I was also poisoned over a long period of time, and the perp even put a draino like substance in my shampoo.  Obviously he didn't succeed in killing me but this is a big part of the reason I fled Maryland in April 2011.  And I mean "fled"  I had to keep it a secrety from everyone except the woman who took me to my airplane shuttle.

I knew that in the hours immediately proceeding woman fleeing is when she is most likely 2 b murdered.

This poor woman lived with this vicious mother fucker for more then 16 years!  Very sad/she was right on the verge of the possibility of making a break and moving in with her lover.

I wonder what her son's life is like now, not only is he an only child but he is left without immediately nuclear family.....................................

I wish I could reach i.d. through snail mail, that would be an easier way for me to share my own story.  I'll bet they get thousands of stories daily for potential airing on the show.

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